Diocesan coordinators of Lay Formation are Jennifer and Blair Carruthers, phone: (306) 659-5846 or e-mail jcarruthers@rcdos.ca

The Lay Formation Program offers personal transformation through a deeper relationship with God.

Lay Formation is grounded on three pillars:

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Within Lay Formation, Diocesan, Aboriginal and Ukrainian Catholics spend time learning more about the Catholic faith, sharing their faith and life experiences, and deepening their prayer lives. It is a time of learning, a time for friendship, a time of discernment and a time of growing ever closer to Christ.


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Lay Formation is a live-in program, hosted at Queens’ House of Retreat and Renewal in Saskatoon – a peaceful and beautiful setting on the banks of the South Saskatchewan river.

Participants commit to the program for a period of two years – one weekend per month, September through May. Under a new schedule for 2019-2021, participants arrive each month on a Friday at 5:30 p.m. and stay at Queen’s House until the Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

Cost is shared between the diocese, your home parish and personal contribution or bursary. For more information on cost breakdown, see Program Fees for Lay Formation or contact Jennifer Carruthers at 306-659-5846 or jcarruthers@rcdos.ca.

“The two years I spent in Lay Formation were a time of joy, of deep enrichment, and growth in both my faith and the meaning of community” ~ Lay Formation Alumnus

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Videos: Lay Formation graduates speak about their experience

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History of Lay Formation

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