Visiting the sick

Those who are suffering in hospital or facing a difficult diagnosis, can often feel very alone.

Hospital Chaplaincy coordinator Jackie Saretsky, Fr. Emmanuel Mbah and other priest chaplains, along with a team of trained pastoral care volunteers are on hand to visit those who are sick, including patients from out of town at Royal University and Saskatoon City Hospitals.

For pastoral visits, spiritual care, and/or hospital chaplaincy, including requests to see a priest  at Royal University Hospital and Saskatoon City Hospital please call Jacqueline Saretsky at 306-292-5531 or e-mail

For St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, where Spiritual Care is a hospital priority, please ask at the nursing desk, or call 306-655-5000 and ask them to page Spiritual Care.



The diocesan Hospital Chaplaincy team, funded by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, provides pastoral outreach at the two secular hospitals in the city of Saskatoon: Royal University Hospital and Saskatoon City Hospital. Because St. Paul’s Hospital is a Catholic hospital, their spiritual care program has existed since it opened, more than 100 years ago.

In addition to full-time chaplain/coordinator, Jacqueline Saretsky (Cell: 306-292-5531 or Office: 306-659-5839), the team includes between 25 and 30 volunteers, full-time chaplain Rev. Emmanuel Mbah, and a number of other priests who cover calls on weekends.

Volunteers play an important role in this outreach of visiting the sick and bringing communion to those in hospital. For more information about becoming a volunteer, contact Jackie Saretsky at 306-659-5839.

Palliative Care:

“Finding the Gifts” is a video project funded by the Knights of Columbus. The Communications and Education sub-committee of a Bishop’s Advisory Group produced the videos hoping to capture the gift of life and hope that can be found even in difficult circumstances.

Building a Hospice:

A “Close to Home” campaign by St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation is currently raising funds to create Saskatoon’s first free-standing hospice, as well as to expand the existing palliative care unit at St. Paul’s Hospital, and to create educational endowments to strengthen palliative care provided in our community.

For more information, including how to support the new Hospice at Glengarda (to be located in the former Ursuline Sisters of Prelate residence at Hilliard St. and Melrose Avenue), please visit:

Dying Healed workshops:

The Dying Healed workshop teaches important issues about human suffering, human dignity and the power of human presence, as well as other end of life issues.

The workshop includes important pastoral and practical aspects of what to say, how to listen, and how to be with people who suffer illness, disability and loneliness. It is intended to be a preparatory training for those who would like to spend time with people who are elderly, ill, disabled and dying; those people who are the most vulnerable to the negative influences to Canada’s euthanasia and assisted suicide law.

Those interested in hosting a Dying Healed workshop can contact Jacqueline Saretsky at (306) 292-5531 or Email for more information.