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Your gifts to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal are putting faith into action, supporting ministries and programs that both build up the church and help us to reach out in love.

Together we are walking with the sick, the suffering and the dying through Hospital Chaplaincy, and visiting prisoners as part of Restorative Ministry.

Together we are strengthening families and reaching out to couples through Marriage and Family Life ministries, including marriage preparation ministry and a range of other ministries such as Retrouvaille (outreach to those struggling in their marriage),  Miscarriage Awareness Ministry, Transitions (ministry to those who are divorced and separated), and From Mourning to Dawn (bereavement ministry for those grieving the death of a spouse).

Thanks to your support of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, the diocesan Office of Justice and Peace continues to work with a range of community partners to advocate for justice and an end to poverty, and to work for the protection of the life and God-given dignity of each and every human person, regardless of age or ability.

Together we are supporting parishes in forming and nurturing missionary disciples of Jesus Christ, bringing people of all ages to life-long faith through Evangelization and Catechesis, forming missionary disciples in deepening faith, understanding and Christian community through Faith Enrichment for Adults and the Education of Laity Fund. Thanks to you, Youth Ministry is empowering, training, and mentoring young leaders, alongside promotion of Vocations, including the Education of Priests and Future Priests.

Your gifts to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal also support Ecumenism and Catholic Family Services (CFS), as well as other ministries of inclusion and outreach, such as Indigenous Ministry (including Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and the Diocesan Council for Truth and Reconciliation) and Deaf Ministry.

Your gifts are also at work in the diocesan Communications Office and the Msgr. Michael J. Koch Resource Library, which provides faith formation and enrichment materials to parishes, ministries, families and individuals.

Thank you for putting “Our Faith In Action” as together we Reach Out In Love and Build Up The Church.

New Areas of Support introduced by Bishop Mark Hagemoen

Two new capital funds were established in 2018, which will now be supported by donations to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

The first fund will provide for the future construction of new church buildings, and the second will assist in caring for and restoring existing church buildings, particularly in rural areas.

Support for the Church in the North is another new area now included in the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

“A number of years ago our Holy Father, Pope Francis, asked the churches of southern Canada to extend needed support to our northern dioceses – where great difficulty is encountered with limited resources,” explains Bishop Mark Hagemoen.  “We will extend financial support and pastoral support to our sisters and brothers in the Catholic Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas, as they deal with the challenges of proclaiming and living the gospel in the vast region of northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.”

A new parish sharing formula was also introduced in 2018, whereby all the funds raised over and above a parish’s BAA goal, minus administration costs, will return to the parish — an increase over the previous sharing formula of 75 per cent.