The diocesan Marriage Tribunal Office cares for the dignity of marriage and works for healing.

The Church presumes that every marriage is valid unless proven otherwise. If there has been a marriage of any kind (religious or civil) ended by a divorce, some Church process is required before a previously married person is recognized as free to marry in the Catholic Church. This applies even if the partners in the former marriage were not Catholic. The Church considers a marriage entered into by two non-Catholics, Christian or other, to be true marriages. Therefore, any previous marriage is an obstacle to a new marriage with a Catholic ceremony (Not every marriage needs the same kind of process. What is needed depends upon the unique circumstances of each marriage.)

The Marriage Tribunal ministry is one part of the Church’s effort to express the mercy of Christ by offering hope and healing for those who suffer the consequences of broken marriages. By investigating cases and causes of marital failure, the Tribunal attempts to determine whether a marriage in question was a true marital union according to the expectations and teachings of the Church and whether the parties are still bound to the vows that they made.

Brochure on the Annulment Process – Click for PDF

(With thanks to brochure author Theresa St. Arnaud of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.)

Contact the Marriage Tribunal Office in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon at (306) 242-1500 or e-mail: CONTACT US.