Presently four Permanent Deacons serve in the diocese of Saskatoon — all were ordained in other dioceses. Our diocese has now introduced a Permanent Diaconate formation program.

Men experiencing a call to service through the Permanent Diaconate are now journeying in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, undergoing formation and discerning this call alongside the community.


“The permanent diaconate, restored by the Second Vatican Council, in complete continuity with ancient tradition and the specific decision of the Council of Trent, has flourished in these last decades in many parts of the Church — with promising results, especially for the urgent missionary work of new evangelization.– 1998 Vatican declaration about the Formation of Deacons.

As with other Holy Orders, the discernment process for Permanent Deacons involves both the candidate and the faith community.

The permanent diaconate is open to married men over 35 years of age, and single men over 25 years of age – but details about how permanent deacons are formed and how they function varies from diocese to diocese.

Men interested in discerning a call to the permanent diaconate in the diocese of Saskatoon are invited to contact Fr. Kevin McGee at (306) 659-5833.

“A Call to Serve” – Video about the Permanent Diaconate