A couple wishing to marry should contact their parish priest at least six months ahead of the anticipated date of the wedding: List of Catholic parishes.

Preparing for marriage is a time of great joy. The Church celebrates with you. Your love for each other will be a sacrament – a living sign of God’s love for His people.

Marriage Formation is designed to give you practical tools for living your marriage with faithfulness and joy. As you come together to form a new family, remember that you are surrounded by a larger family in your faith community. We are here to support you as you embark on this wonderful journey. Invite Jesus into your wedding and into your home. When you do, expect miracles.

COVID-19 restrictions apply to Marriage Preparation Courses. For information, contact Marilyn Jackson, Director of Ministry Services at the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Saskatoon: mjackson@rcdos.ca or 306-659-5836.

Parishes offering Marriage Preparation (2021-2022)

New offerings will be posted as we receive them from parishes – please check with your local parish:  List of Catholic parishes

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Martensville: The next session is planned for Feb. 11 and 12, 2022. Space is limited: please contact the parish office at (306) 931-3111 or e-mail ihmp@rcdos.ca.

Saint Anne Parish in Saskatoon offers a marriage preparation ministry called “Witness to Love” that offers engaged couples the opportunity to partner and journey with a mentor couple to prepare for a healthy, vibrant, lifelong, Christ-centred marriage. For more information visit https://saintannes.ca/ministries/marriage-planning/.

St. Paul Co-Cathedral, Saskatoon: A marriage preparation course called “Christ in the Middle” is offered at St. Paul Co-Cathedral Parish, 720 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon. Sessions are also offered via Zoom. For more details about the next course and/or to register, contact Pastoral Associate Angela Penna at (306) 652-0033 or e-mail: apenna@rcdos.ca.

Cathedral of the Holy Family, Saskatoon:  The next session will be offered in March 2022. For information, please contact Cathedral of the Holy Family at 306-659-5800 or info@holyfamilycathedral.ca.

Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon: For more information, please call the parish at 306-374-1425.

St. Philip Neri Parish, Saskatoon: The next sessions will be offered in the spring of 2022. For more information please call Shirley Hyshka at s.hyshka@stphilipneriparish.ca or (306) 343-0325.

Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE)

Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) is an intensive weekend of preparation, in which each couple is offered the time and opportunity to question, examine, and deepen their relationship, share in community and be open to God’s plan. Topics covered during the weekend include; self-awareness, values and ideals, community, sexuality, communication, decision making, Natural Family Planning, vocations, sacraments, prayer and unity. Couples are given opportunities to learn more about one another as they engage in deep and meaningful discussions between themselves, dealing with all aspects of married life. A weekend stay is necessary to keep the atmosphere generated by the Encounter – away from the distractions of everyday lives. The weekend is designed to deepen and enrich relationships with one another, God, the Church and the World.


In the diocese of Saskatoon, the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekends are held at St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, SK.

The next session at St. Peter’s Abbacy in Muenster, Saskatchewan will be April 1-3, 2022. Cost is $480 for the weekend and this includes all meals and accommodations. The weekend will be run according to the COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Find more information or register online at www.ceewest.com or contact Elizabeth and Deryk Meszaros at deryk200@hotmail.com. Weekend organizers are Lynn and Wanda Freistadt: (306) 373-8607.


Engaged Encounter weekends are also offered by Regina CEE at Echo Lake Bible Camp, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK, with the next weekend running from Feb. 11-13, 2022. For more information please e-mail eereginacc@gmail.com Orto register go to register4reginacee@gmail.com. You can also go to www.ceewest.com and click on “Regina” under “Select A Community,” on the bottom right hand of the page.

Other resources:

FOCCUS, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building, promoting and enhancing healthy relationships by offering resources and training that “Facilitate Open, Caring Communication, Understanding and Study.” FOCCUS, Inc. USA offers materials that are research-based, affordable, and user-friendly for both professionals and trained lay volunteers.

For more info, contact FOCCUS Facilitators, Bill and Marg Martin can be reached in Saskatoon at 306-373-4433 or bill.marg@sasktel.net