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Volunteer Appreciation event held in diocese

By June 6, 2024June 11th, 2024Bishop Mark Hagemoen's blog
Bishop Mark Hagemoen expressed his appreciation at a recent Volunteer Appreciation event in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, offering a glimpse into the impact of hundreds who assist in the mission of the diocese to “Proclaim Christ and God’s Kingdom Today.”
“There is a legacy in this diocese, not just of volunteering but imitating the mind and heart of Christ with the downtrodden, those on the margins, those that need ministry. Thank you for that,” said Saskatoon’s bishop at the June 5 event at the Cathedral of the Holy Family.
Whether it is serving on commissions, committees, and boards that provide a healthy administrative back-bone for ministry to happen, or directly offering outreach in ministries of compassion, service and evangelization, volunteers are vital to the mission of the diocesan church, Hagemoen said.
“This diocese is held up by giants and heroes who are in this room – among others who couldn’t make it to this room tonight – thank you so much.”
“It is such a privilege as a bishop not only to serve but to be served and to be mentored by people such as you,” the bishop added.
With hospitality and help from volunteers from the Catholic Women’s League and the Knights of Columbus, the event for other volunteers from across the diocese included a reception, a dinner, and door prizes.

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