Bishop Hagemoen announces the normative age of confirmation will be Grade 6, beginning in 2021

Bishop Mark Hagemoen has written a letter to the faithful announcing a change of the normative age for Confirmation to Grade 6 (age 11) in our diocese, beginning in 2021.

The present practice in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon is to celebrate confirmation immediately before First Holy Communion at a combined celebration in Grade 2 (age 7).

Read the bishop’s letter of July 8, 2020 at: Age of Confirmation Announcement


“I hope that this shift will not only present new and ongoing opportunities for effective faith formation of youth and their families in preparing for all of the Sacraments but may also be the opportunity to foster new initiatives and creativity regarding ongoing faith-formation and youth activities for the young people and their families of the parishes of our diocese.” – Bishop Mark Hagemooen

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