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VIDEO UPDATE Covenant of Care: Responding to the Sexual Abuse Crisis:

“The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon is committed to providing safe and respectful church communities and to protecting people from abuse and harm that results from abuse.” – Brenda Fitzgerald, Chair, Diocesan Committee for the Covenant of Care safeguarding policies and Serious Misconduct Protocol , which includes policy related to handling of allegations of sexual abuse.

Transcript – Brenda Fitzgerald: CLICK for PDF


VIDEO UPDATE Involvement of the Laity:

“For many years, each parish has been required to have a volunteer position known as a Parish Coordinator of Care. In September we reached out to parishes to provide an update regarding their person designated.” Theresa Campbell, Diocesan Coordinator of Care and Director of Operations at the Catholic Pastoral Centre

Transcript of Update from Theresa Campbell: CLICK for PDF

More information on training sessions in November/December 2019: DETAILS


VIDEO UPDATE from Bishop Mark Hagemoen:

“We need to listen to and support victims and survivors. This is the perspective from which all our efforts begin.” Bishop Mark Hagemoen, Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.

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 Our Diocesan Policies: CLICK HERE

Reporting Abuse: CLICK HERE