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529 Pangman Street, Outlook, SK S0L 2N0

Mailing address: Box 1060, Davidson, SK S0G 1A0

Email: ihomoutlook@rcdos.ca
Telephone: 306-567-2116
Fax: 306-567-5455
Website: http://ihmcc.webs.com/

Mass Times:

Public celebration of Mass and other public gatherings are now slowly being phased-in across the diocese as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Schedule and information for the Davdison, Kenaston, Outlook and Elbow parishes, including contact information for registering: Davidson Pastoral Region Mass Times July and August 2020 (CLICK HERE)

Mass Times rotate among the parishes at Davidson, Outlook, Elbow and Kenaston. For information call the parish office at 306-567-2116.

LINK to COVID-19 Updates in the diocese, including Bishop Hagemoen’s message of May 15, 2020


By appointment

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