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Development and Peace

Spiritual Direction

What Is Spiritual Direction?

It is the process whereby the Spiritual Director accompanies you in your faith journey and listens with you to the movement of God in your life and experience. Articulating and sharing your inner experience provides greater insight, deeper awareness and surer discernment in your efforts to live life more fully.

Problems arise in each of our lives. These will inevitably affect our relationship with God and be brought to the spiritual direction sessions. Problem-solving, however, is NOT the FOCUS of spiritual direction.

A Spiritual Director may be a lay person, a priest or sister. Some Spiritual Directors charge for this service, for others it is part of their paid ministry. In any case, no one should feel that their financial situation prevents them from seeking direction. This is generally discussed in the first meeting.

Would spiritual direction be a faithful or helpful choice for you?

Probably, if . . .

  • You find yourself wanting a deeper relationship with God;
  • Your search for God is at a crossroad;
  • You want to explore new ways to pray or if prayer has become difficult;
  • You feel the need for someone to help in discerning the call of God for you;
  • You desire a companion on the spiritual journey.


What Happens During Spiritual Direction?

You can expect a director to listen and to ask reflective questions. The director may also suggest resources for your prayer, often scriptural. Since we believe that God communicates through ordinary human experience, you will be urged to pay attention to your experience so as to notice God’s nudges, invitations, challenges and confirmations.

How do I start?

For more information and a listing of formally trained Spiritual Directors under the supervision of Queen's House, click here.

Many wise priests/pastors, sisters and lay people also provide Spiritual Direction.  They may not be formally trained, yet others recognize this particular charism in them. These people can often be found by word of mouth or by talking to a parish priest or pastoral associate.

Spiritual Direction Formation - program offered at Queen's House

For more information contact Queen's House (306) 242-1916.

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