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Small Christian Communities


Small Christian Communities

God has chosen many ways to make Himself known to us. The Bible is God speaking in our lives in a special way. The Word of God is life-giving and grace-filled.  When we gather to read, to study, to share and to pray the Word of God we are both enlightened and encouraged. The Word of God reminds us that we are loved by God and precious in His sight. We never tire from hearing the message.The diocese's Small Christian Communities ministry includes providing workshops and training to establish small faith sharing groups in your parish. We also recognize that many forms of small Christian communities already exist in various programs like Alpha, Couples for Christ, RCIA, CCO, and more. Besides these, various groups already existing in the parish – Parish Pastoral Council, liturgical ministries, music/choirs, youth groups, CWL, K of C – can also begin to incorporate the elements which can transform a task-oriented group into a faith community. These elements include having group members share together in prayer, mission, support, learning and participation. We offer two different formats of Scripture Reflection Guides specifically designed for Small Christian Community gatherings: 

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