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Development and Peace


  • 1.     Be passionate about the dignity of every human person.
  • 2.     Seek out new friendships with neighbours and those who are isolated or on the margins.
  • 3.     Pray frequently personally and in groups that you are part of for the respect dignity and reception of all life. 
  • 4.     Include families, single parents, those who have had abortions your family’s life.
  • 5.     Be inclusive of life at all stages.
  • 6.     Share stories of how you have been blessed by the gift of life.
  • 7.     Learn how to support women and families who have suffered a miscarriage through the Diocesan Office of Marriage and Family Life. 
  • 8.     Post and share resources, songs, poetry and art that celebrates life.
  • 9.     Bea an ambassador of life wherever you go!
  • 10.  Stand in awe with what your brother or sister in Christ carries rather than in judgment.
  • 11.  Smile at and congratulate expecting mothers.
  • 12.  Never judge parents by how many or how few children they have.
  • 13.  Attend pro-life rallies.
  • 14.  Volunteer at a pro-life resource centre such as: Saskatoon Pregnancy Options.
  • 15.  Organize a volunteer drive to provide for the needs of organizations.  Ex: diapers, bottles, formula, or clothing for the Food Bank.
  • 16.  Donate to a pro-life charity or volunteer your time. 
  • 17.  Volunteer to babysit, clean, cook for a new parent(s)
  • 18.  Students can choose projects and presentations that celebrate life to evangelize peers and teachers.
  • 19.  Read pro-life books to children such as Dr. Sues, or “The One and Only Ever You”
  • 20.  Learn about life and how to celebrate life through science, culture, history, the arts, nature and mostly through those on the margins.
  • 21.  Stand up for people in conversations.
  • 22.  Work together and hold respectful discussions especially with those of different viewpoints.
  • 23.  Listen for the sake of listening, people need to be heard. 
  • 24.  Be hopeful!
  • 25.  Live in joy! 
  • 26.  Thank God everyday for the gift of Life!

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