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Adult Faith: PROCLAIM

All members of the Church are invited to become Missionary Disciples.

God is calling each of us and our parish communities to live out a radical missionary identity so that more people may come to know and love him.

Through Proclaim, we hope to see more and more lay people and parishes embrace their missionary identity by taking the initiative to share Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, motivated by love and leave the ‘results’ to God.

There are three programs that we would like to highlight that any parish or individual can use in order to share the good news with their community:


The Rescue Project seeks to proclaim the gospel in a compelling and attractive way over eight weeks in a small group format. This experience is imbued with beauty, authentic humanity, and accompaniment. Simply put, participants will an experience of the gospel surrounded by food, conversation and prayer.


Alpha provides an introduction to the Christian life, in a casual and attractive setting. Alpha programs are typically run by parish communities that have a desire to provide an opportunity for parishioners to invite friends and neighbours to join them at the Church for a meal, a short video session, and a small group discussion. Alpha programs are great for building community and can provide an attractive first impression to new or potential new members.


Discovery is a six-week long faith study with the goal of introducing participants to the basic message of the Catholic Faith and invites members to consider their own relationship with Jesus. The strength of Discovery is that it requires no audio visual equipment, and can be led in nearly any environment and for groups of many sizes. Discovery is a great way to launch small groups in your parish.

For more information about having a program launched at your parish, please contact John Hickey at 306-659-5847 or