This unique stream of the Adult Faith Enrichment Program (previously known as Lay Formation) fills a great need for the Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis people of the Saskatoon Diocese, the Diocese of Prince Albert and the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas.

Participants in the Indigenous stream, along with the diocesan and eparchial participants, deepen their Catholic faith, with a particular focus on First Nations spirituality, culture and tradition.

Adult Faith Enrichment weekends offer a variety of topics such as:

  • Sacraments
  • Scripture
  • The Trinity
  • Christology
  • Justice and Peace
  • Moral Theology
  • Liturgy
  • Prayer
  • Church history
  • First Nations traditions and history (such as the Medicine Wheel, Aboriginal worldview and treaties, the “blanket experience,” etc.)
  • Indigenous / Aboriginal / First Nations spirituality and Catholic practice

For more information contact Adult Faith Enrichment coordinator Jennifer Petersen: (306) 659-5846