This unique stream of the Adult Faith Enrichment Program (former known as Lay Formation) fills a great need for the Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis people of the Saskatoon Diocese, the Diocese of Prince Albert and the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas.

Participants in the Indigenous Faith Enrichment stream, along with the diocesan and eparchial Adult Faith Enrichment Program participants, deepen their Catholic faith, with a particular focus on First Nations spirituality, culture and tradition.

Adult Faith Enrichment weekends offer a variety of topics such as:

  • Sacraments
  • Scripture
  • The Trinity
  • Christology
  • Justice and Peace
  • Moral Theology
  • Liturgy
  • Prayer
  • Church history
  • First Nations traditions and history (such as the Medicine Wheel, Aboriginal worldview and treaties, the “blanket experience,” etc.)
  • Indigenous / Aboriginal / First Nations spirituality and Catholic practice

Application Form

“We have been richly blessed in the Church by the culture, language and gifts of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples. Helping us to move towards a greater appreciation of those gifts, the Aboriginal stream strengthens the spiritual formation of participants, sending them forth with a deeper awareness of their own traditions within the context of the life of the Church as a whole, as mature disciples of Christ who are bearers of those gifts for others.” – Former Saskatoon Bishop Don Bolen (now Archbishop of Regina)