Testimonies about impact of the program on faith, prayer and relationship with God

Note: The Lay Formation program has been renamed ; it is now known as the Adult Faith Enrichment Program.

“I have been brought to a new and deeper level of surrender.” – Lay Formation Alumnus

“I prayed throughout the Lay Formation experience for a humble heart and contrite spirit, and praise to God, I have experienced peace in situations where before my pride/ego would have been on its ‘high horse’. Friends have commented that they have seen a change in me. I know God isn’t finished with me in this area and it will be on-going, but I am so grateful for the transformation thus far.”  – Lay Formation Alumnus

“While my spiritual journey continues, I will always look back at these past two years as the period where I ‘grew up’. I will never be the same as a result. Lay Formation is GIFT.” – Lay Formation Alumnus

The Lay Formation Program is about shaping and transforming the People of God and enriching our faith lives through learning, community, and prayer.

“Profound revelation and understanding of being God’s Beloved, chosen, blessed, and broken to be given. This was foundaitonal for me.” – Lay Formation Alumnus