The Adult Faith Enrichment Program (previously known as Lay Formation) is about learning more about our Catholic faith, belonging to a vibrant Catholic community, deepening our relationship with God, and increasing our prayer life.

The Adult Faith Enrichment Program accepts new applications every second year (September 2019, September 2021, etc.)

For more information, contact Marilyn Jackson, the Director of Ministry Services: (306) 659-5836 or

What do people say about this experience of faith enrichment?

“Lay Formation was an experience of a life time. We are cradle Catholics who were renewed, affirmed, challenged, taught and inspired through this program. Our faith, knowledge, prayer life and spirits were bolstered in this unique setting, and our appetites were whetted for more.”

“We experienced more of the universality and diversity of our big Catholic family as we encountered many wonderful presenters and formed lasting friendships with our fellow pilgrims. We were fed like royalty and had real fun to boot!”

“More importantly, we deepened our relationship with God and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a real way. Today we treasure even more the gift of our Catholic Christian heritage. We gained a new appreciation of what we celebrate and share in common with our fellow Christians and those from other faith traditions.”

“We sincerely believe that all adults, in every walk of life, can be empowered and better equipped to answer the call of Christ. We encourage everyone to walk out in faith and take this step. Despite the small sacrifices it entails, people will be truly blessed and grateful.”

“Every day as we strive to be faithful and pray the beautiful Liturgy of the Hours that we were immersed in at Lay Formation, we thank God.”

“Our parish of Christ the King in Foam Lake calls on us to lead in a variety of ways. We come to the tasks with a fresh zeal, more joy, peace and confidence. As well, we have a renewed vision of collaboration and the need to encourage the giftedness of all. We hope that folks throughout the diocese will support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal through which the Lay Formation Program is funded. Once again we thank our beloved parish for helping us attend, and we thank the Diocese for offering this life changing program and experience to the adult church in this corner of the world.”

– Lay Formation Alumni