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Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Prayer

Prayer for the Success of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

O God, we praise and thank You
for the blessings of life in Canada
from your natural bounty and 
from the work of human hands.

We ask you to open our ears
to the truths about our collective history
being recorded for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 
by survivors of residential schools.

We ask you to open our minds
to the complex and subtle ways
that past mistakes, arrogance, misuse of authority, 
and even sinfulness have damaged
our social fabric in ways we have barely begun to redress.

We ask you to open our hearts:

  • that we may continue to listen even when the truth challenges us
  • that we may understand that we are heirs to a system that has shown itself capable of domination and cruelty, whether or not we personally contributed to building it that way;
  • that we may commit ourselves in all humility to do what we can and support the efforts of others to restore our ruptured social fabric.


We pray with confidence
that by your grace
we may grow into your community of love and forgiveness.


This prayer is also available in a printable PDF.

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