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Condolences and prayers after Humboldt Broncos bus accident from Bishop Hagemoen on behalf of diocese of Saskatoon.

“We just celebrated the Easter Triduum, when we recalled the absolute tragedy of “Good Friday” followed by the great surprise and hope of the Easter Resurrection. Good Friday is only ‘good’ because of Jesus Christ’s response to the ultimate tragedy of His rejection and death. God continues to respond to us, and now He responds to the people of Humboldt and other parts of Western Canada who are profoundly affected by this terrible tragedy. I am very thankful that at this terrible time, the People of God here show Christ-like compassion and care through such a community of support. May those who have died rest in Christ’s peace and light! We also pray for the other team mates, team staff, and travelling family members – for their recovery at this very difficult time. - Bishop Mark Hagemoen.

Clergy, religious and faithful across the diocese are expressing grief and offering prayers and condolences for the families and communities devestated by the accident involving the Humboldt Broncos' bus. We pray for those who have died, for all those who are grieving, and for everyone dealing with injuries and trauma from this accident.

At a diocesan Divine Mercy service on April 8, prayers for all affected by this tragedy were offered. At that service, the bishop also read a message of solidarity, condolences and prayer from the Holy Father ent by the Vatican Secretary of State: "Informed of the injury and tragic loss of life caused by the road traffic accident in the province of Saskatchewan involving young hockey players, His Holiness Pope Francis sends his condolences to those who have lost love ones, and commends the souls ofthe deceased to the mercy ofAlmighty God. To all in the community at this difficult time Pope Francis sends his blessing."   

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