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Brazil Mission

Brazil Mission Film

Brazil Mission film - The locally-produced one-hour documentary "Walking Together in Mercy: the Joy and Suffering of the Brazil Mission" will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 3 at St. Francis Xavier parish, 222 Willow Street (at corner of Melrose Avenue and Hilliard Street) in Saskatoon. Featuring a look at the history and impact of the diocesan Brazil Mission, the film includes interviews of missionaries from the diocese of Saskatoon and St. Peter's Abbacy, as well as words from some of the people in Brazil who journeyed with them.

Walking Together In God's Mercy: The Joy and Suffering of the Brazil Mission

A documentary about the 50 year mission in Brazil. Clergy, religious and laypeople from the Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon tell their story of walking side by side with the people in the Archdiocese of Maceió. A film by Tim Yaworski.

A Brief History of the Brazil Mission

A Brief History of the Brazil Mission

In 1964, Bishop Francis J. Klein, in response to an appeal of Pope Paul VI and a specific request from the archbishop of Maceió, agreed to establish a diocesan mission in that archdiocese in northeastern Brazil. Bishop Klein effectively tithed from his supply of priests, sending three to Brazil, along with two nurses. They were assigned to staff a large rural parish of 70,000 to 80,000 people in União dos Palmares. The original team consisted of Frs.

DMO History and Goals


In 2004 Bishop Albert LeGatt called together a Diocesan Mission Discernment Committee that was given the mandate to conduct a broad consultation throughout our diocese about how we should be a missionary church.

The Brazil Mission Awareness Committee (BMAC)

Contact: Margaret Sanche (306) 374-5501

The Brazil Mission Awareness Committee was formed in May 1992 as a diocesan committee charged with keeping the people of the diocese informed about the work of our missionaries in Brazil and providing moral support to the mission team.

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