The Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism is also concerned for furthering our relationships with other religious groups in our community. These are our interfaith or interreligious relationships. The Second Vatican Council signalled a new openness to, and appreciation of, other world faiths. Acknowledging our common human quest for the divine, Pope John Paul II explained that: “The many religions are the ‘many reflections of the one truth’, ‘seeds of the Word’, attesting that though the routes taken may be different, there is but a single goal … a quest for God and … the full meaning of human life.”

Other faith communities in Saskatoon

Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 306) 664-4722
Bahá’í Faith (306) 978-4797
Chanh Tam Temple (Buddhist) (306) 978-0085
Congregation Agudas Israel (306) 343-7023
Doukhobor Society (306) 244-7209
Hindu Society (306) 933-4041
Islamic Centre (306) 665-6424
Shir Chadash Congregation (Jewish) (306) 242-3756
Sikh Society (306) 653-4514
Society of Friends (Quakers) (306) 653-2402
Unitarian Congregation (306) 653-2402
Urban First Nations Healing Initiative (306) 242-9658