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Marriage Enrichment and Support in the Diocese of Saskatoon

Worldwide Marriage Encounter and Retrouvaille are weekend experiences designed to help couples renew their marriage or rebuild a broken relationship. Retrouvaille is regularly offered in Saskatchewan, but at the present time Marriage Encounter weekends are NOT being organized in the diocese of Saskatoon (more information about opportunities in other locations/provinces is available at ). Both programs are supported by the Catholic Church. Both programs are offered to couples of all faith expressions. Which one is right for you and your spouse?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

  • Do you want to RENEW your marriage?
  • Have you considered taking steps to achieve a richer marriage?
  • Does your relationship lack the luster and excitement it once held?


  • Do you need to REBUILD your marriage?
  • Are you suffering in a marriage that is causing you pain?
  • Is your marriage "on the rocks" and you want more?


To help you discern which weekend experience would most benefit you
and your spouse, we invite you to consider the following checklist:

WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER is a program for any married couple who want a richer, fuller life together.

RETROUVAILLE is a program designed to help rebuild troubled marriages and nurture healthy ones.

You are in a secure relationship and you are basically content in your marriage.

There has been unfaithfulness and you are not happy with your marriage.

You want to enhance the level of communication in your marriage.

There is little or no meaningful communication in your marriage.

You would like to re-experience the joy and intimacy of your early relationship.

You often experience feelings of anger and loneliness in your marriage.

You sometimes experience feelings of disillusionment.

You feel despair and have lost the ability to trust.

You long for more quality time in your marriage.

You desire for your marriage to survive.

Your marriage is less loving and less caring than what you want.

Your marriage has become unloving and uncaring.

Your relationship is sometimes cool and distant.

Your relationship is cold and distant.

You would like to enhance the quality of your marriage.

You are considering separation or are separated and want to reconcile.

WWME Contact:

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is NOT being offered in the diocese of Saskatoon at this time. 

For more information about WWME see:

Retrouvaille Contact:


retrouvaille [at] ( )

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