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Development and Peace

Liturgy Commission

Diocesan Liturgy Commission

Judy Gatin chairs the Liturgy Commission, and Fr. David Tumback is Director of Liturgy for the Diocese.

Members are appointed by the Bishop in consultation with the Commission. They meet at least three times a year. Among other things, they offer instruction on the proper implementation of liturgical directives, support and provide workshops for liturgical ministries and utilize various educational opportunities. The Commission is responsible for diocesan liturgies.

Creating Vibrant Liturgy: Why we need liturgical arts and environment. 

Tips for Music Ministers:

By Colleen Beresh, Liturgical Commission Member & Saskatoon Diocesan Choir Director  

Hello to all who provide music ministry!  

music noteI’d like to share with you some information in regards to music selection, helpful websites, and a few tips about the Advent and Christmas Season.  Whatever your choir – adult, children, trios, etc., I know you will find something of value for your group. Below, please find a few websites that can be used to find music ideas, hear song clips, and gather information about music ministry in general. I like to use and  and to find listening examples of songs for my choirs.  Sending out the link with the sound clip, is a helpful tool to learn new melodies or to simply refresh the memory.   

National Pastoral Musician -  In the “Planning” section of this web page, you will find musical selections from many Catholic books that follow the liturgical year.  Hopefully, the hymn book you have in your church will be listed here.

The Prairie Messenger has a monthly section dedicated to music selections. 

OCP This site has a liturgy planning section but you or your parish must be a member to access it.  They publish a quarterly newsletter called Today’s Liturgy which is an excellent collection of articles and ideas for music ministry.  There is a subscription cost for this publication.

Novalis:  If you copy and paste this link and you will be able to hear the psalms that are included in the Sunday Missal.

GIA Publications  This is a music publisher site where they have sound clips, liturgy planning and many other resources you may find helpful.  Here you will find planning ideas for music liturgy.  They have a GIA Quarterly publication which has a cost attached.

World Library Publications  This site will be helpful in browsing for new music to suit all kinds of choirs.  You may be able to listen to selections as well as download music and formats usable for your parish.

CCCB    The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops website with a page dedicated to a comprehensive overview of Year B information and music.  

The Newman Hymnal  This excellent and interesting site has many tidbits in regards to music and planning.  There are listening examples and video examples of cantor work. 

Three Tips for Advent and Christmas Season  

1. Psalm singing – If you have a capable cantor in your parish, you are fortunate indeed.  If not, consider having the psalm led by the entire choir or a few select singers.

2. To mark seasons from ordinary time, try a few different ways of presenting the music. Try to keep it simple during advent by singing unaccompanied.  If piano is usually your sole instrument, introduce a different instrument to accompany you for a few songs or try adding a new instrument every week.

3. Alleluia is sung both in Gospel acclamations and in any other music selected. Glory to God is omitted during the Advent Season.

Advent Season - the joyful anticipation of the arrival of Jesus.

  • First Sunday of Advent – being watchful for signs of God’s presence. 
  • Second Sunday of Advent – John the Baptist foretells of the one who is to come.
  • Third Sunday of Advent – John the Baptist is still featured this Sunday.  He reveals himself as God’s herald.
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent – Mary is a faithful example of discipleship – doing what must be done to make God’s will a reality.

December 12 – Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 24 - Vigil of Christmas

Christmas Season

December 25 - Solemnity of Christmas

December 28 - Holy Family

January 1 - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

January 3 - Solemnity of Epiphany

January 10- Baptism of the Lord

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