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Prayer for reconciliation and unity

The Ecumenical journey is nurtured by prayer that is fervent, frequent and regular, private and public. A variety of resources are available for individuals and parishes in planning prayer for Christian unity. Among these, the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle is strongly encouraged. This cycle of prayer is provided by the World Council of Churches to encourage prayer for ecumenical communities around the world. Each week of the year is designated for a particular region of the world.

The most common time for ecumenical prayer is during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This week is celebrated in January, between the feasts of St. Peter's confession and St. Paul's conversion. The PCE maintains a helpful webpage with resources for the Week of Prayer. In the city of Saskatoon there are numerous events during the week. Other parts of our diocese also hold services for prayer together with neighbouring Christian churches. We invite you to tell us about the many ways that you pray for the reconciliation and unity of the Christian churches.

IGRG coverIn God's Reconciling Grace is a new book of ecumenical prayers and reflections written and edited by Fr. Bernard de Margerie, which is available free of charge as a "school of prayer and discipleship." 

Read more about this book at:

Direct inquiries to Fr. Bernard de Margerie: (306) 651-7051 or jumeau [at] 

This "Prayer for an Ecumenical Heart" has been prepared for use in the Diocese of Saskatoon:

O generous and loving God, we praise and thank you for your gifts.

We acknowledge our failure to heal the divisions 
that exist among the followers of your Son, Jesus Christ.

We pray for your help and guidance to overcome
the barriers that continue to separate Christians.

We ask that the power of your Holy Spirit be fully alive within us;
and for Your love to give us the strength
to mend the hurts that separate the followers of Jesus.

Help us build bridges of love and understanding with all humanity.

May the love and forgiveness of Jesus guide us each day
as we journey with our sisters and brothers in Christ's name.

We pray for the day when it will truly be said
of all who follow your Son, Jesus Christ:
"They love one another as Jesus loves."


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