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Development and Peace

Ecumenism in the Diocese of Saskatoon

Prairie Centre for Ecumenism (PCE)

Ecumenical cooperation is not new to the diocese. We have a rich experience in ecumenical relationships. Our social, political and spiritual development, although not without strife and tensions has been marked by a tone of cooperation. For generations we have seen goodness in our neighbours from many backgrounds, who have worked together to build many caring communities. This grassroots experience, at times unnamed and unknown as ecumenism, has led to the formation of many Ministerial Associations, Councils of Churches and Ad Hoc Committees to enrich our experience of church. The Diocese has participated and often taken the lead in these endeavours. This leadership was shown in the formation of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism (PCE).

The PCE was established in 1984 as the ecumenical office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon. Our Diocese was enriched by the commitment and ecumenical wisdom of Fr. Bernard de Margerie. Bishop James Mahoney entrusted Fr. de Margerie with a full time ministry in ecumenism that enabled Bernard to become the founding director of the Centre. The Constitution of the Centre describes the PCE's mandate "to call the churches to the goal of visible reconciliation and unity for the world's sake, expressed in one faith and one Eucharistic fellowship in Christ." This mandate is drawn from the foundational documents of other ecumenical agencies, especially the World Council of Churches.

The Constitution also indicates that the establishment of the Centre corresponds to the common will of the partner churches to move forward together on the road of Christian renewal, reconciliation and unity. We do so in a spirit of faithfulness and obedience to the Gospel.

From its founding, the Centre has had a Board of Directors drawn from the various churches in Saskatoon. In 1988, recognizing that an appropriate level of maturity had been achieved, the decision was taken to move to a broader sponsorship. The Local Church Leaders' Group, a regular gathering of the senior leaders of the churches of Saskatoon, approved the revised Constitution of the Centre, and asked the churches of Saskatoon to determine whether they were prepared to sponsor the Centre and provide it with both financial and prayer support. The Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian and United churches, as well as the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy, joined with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon in sponsorship of the new ecumenical enterprise.

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