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Diocesan Mission Office

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon
Diocesan Mission Office

The Diocesan Mission Office works to encourage and promote awareness and involvement in mission.

What is the Diocesan Mission Office?

On mission There are many ministries doing important work within our diocese. The focus of the Diocesan Mission Office, however, is the work of mission outside our diocesan boundaries. We are challenged to be stretched by sharing ourselves, our resources, our talents and our faith with others outside of our communities.

How can we “experience” mission?

  • The call to mission is a call to be involved
  • a call to commit your time and energy to others, and a call to be challenged. The call can be short term or long term. It can be local or international. It's a call that surpasses age, race, and gender.

children playing on missionIt could call you to:

  • become “aware” of what mission is;
  • be interested in hearing stories from those who have experienced mission
  • financially support the missions;
  • support missions and missionaries through your prayers;
  • research and seek a missionary experience of receiving and giving.

What can the DMO do for you?

The Diocesan Mission Office can provide you with the following:
• people and organizations prepared to speak to you about their mission experiences and opportunities
• potential funding opportunities for your mission work
• resources to learn more about

MissionsFor more information, or for an application form for funding, contact the Diocesan Mission Office at the Catholic Centre 242-1500.

The DMO video And the Lord said, “Go...” with an accompanying study guide is available through your local church, or from the Resource Library at the Catholic Center, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon, SK S7S 1H1.



What do others say about their mission experiences?

• “I like to think of missionary as a much wider thing than just church stuff ... the church isn't church for its own sake, it's church for the world.”
• “…a tremendous experience of solidarity.”
• “ …giving back to people what's been given to me.”
• “If you care about the people, you're going to be what they need.”
• “…not trying to change people, but accompanying them.”
• “Before you come to a new community or culture or faith, the first thing you do is take off your shoes, lest you forget that God has been there before you and you step on something holy.”
• “It's beneficial to take us out of ourselves.”
• “What you give, you'll get a hundred times back.”
• “They stretched me.”
• “You don't have to be an expert.”
• “…a longing to have something fulfilled in your heart.”


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