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A Look at Parish Nursing

The Parish Nurse

A Parish Nurse is a Registered Nurse who is called to ministry and affirmed by a faith community to promote the integration of faith and health in a variety of ways that reflect the context of the faith community. 

Parish nurses have specialized training.  They have studied various courses in related pastoral care topics and participate in regular support and education meetings with other Parish Nurses both locally and nationally.

Parish Nurse Ministry draws the church together to become a more caring community!

A Parish Nurse Ministry helps the local parish by providing:

  • the compassion and care of a Christ-centered Registered Nurse;
  • a ministry of healing to those who seek to be whole in body, mind and spirit
  • health & wellness education for parishioners of all ages;
  • personal health counseling;
  • a liaison with community organizations;
  • resources to pastoral team;
  • support and recovery groups according to community needs (i.e. fitness, stress, grief, cancer, mental illness);
  • information about appropriate health care and community resources;
  • clarification of health instructions;
  • advocacy when necessary.

On behalf of the local church, Parish Nurses link faith and health as they blend care with their professional nursing expertise.
In consultation with the Pastor, a Parish Nurse will:

  • Visit at home or in the hospital.
  • Recruit, train and support volunteers.
  • Offer presence and prayer during times of crisis and celebration.

Parish Nurses serve in the following ways:

1. Health Educator – The Parish Nurse initiates and develops health programs and answers health related questions.  She promotes better understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, attitudes, faith and well being.  Some of these may include blood pressure clinics, monthly health awareness topics, education sessions, etc. 

2.  Advocacy and Facilitation – A Parish Nurse can help in stressful situations regarding health care decisions.  Health care instructions can be intimidating to some people.  Parish Nurses can help navigate some of bureaucratic terrain.

3.  Resource and Referral – A Parish Nurse can connect you with appropriate health care and community resources. 

4.  Counselor – A Parish Nurse is there as a confidential resource for personal health issues and can assist individuals in gaining knowledge to make informed choices regarding their health.  Parish Nurses work not only with the individual but often with the family as a whole.

5.  Outreach – A Parish Nurse can do assessments, make home, hospital and follow-up visits after patients have been discharged. 

6.  Resource to the Pastoral Team – A Parish Nurse is available to all ministries if they themselves have concerns regarding the health of parishioners they visit. 

7.  Praying with parishioners they visit.  Parish Nurses offer compassion, care and confidentiality.  They are an extension of the church life through home visits. 

**Parish Nursing Ministry does not provide or replace existing services such as home care, nor does it provide hands on nursing care on an on going basis.**

Your community churches with active Parish Nurse Ministries

St. Philip Neri , Roman Catholic Church
1902 Munroe Avenue, Saskatoon, 306-343-0325
Deb Bauche, RN, & Ethna Martin, RN

St. John Bosco , Roman Catholic Church
1202 Ave. O South, Saskatoon, 306-652-1045
Deb Bauche, RN


St.Mary’s Roman Catholic Church
201 Ave. O South, Saskatoon, 306-249-6338                          
Sr. Carol Borresson RN


Forest Grove Community Church (Mennonite)
502 Webster St.


Christ Church - Anglican
515 28 Street West, Saskatoon
Ruth Black

Elim Tabernacle
3718 8 Street East, Saskatoon
Bev Young-Rapko 

Circle Drive Special Care Home
3055 Preston Avenue

Lynne MacPherson & Cathy Gallaugher

Rock of Ages / Lutheran Brethren
130 Kingsmere Place, Saskatoon 306-374-1707
Caroline Bykowy, RN

St. Andrew's Presbyterian 
436 Spadina Cres. E., Saskatoon 306-242-0525
Laura VanLoon, PN

Avalon Alliance Church
Saskatoon 306-931-4414
Lynne Macpherson, PN

Luther Care Communities
1800 Alexander Ave., Saskatoon, 306-664-0358

Bernie Bolley, RN 

St. Peter the Apostle Roman Catholic Church

8 Moore Place, Saskatoon Ph:  382-5503
Carol Kostiuk


St. Patrick Parish Centre - Roman Catholic
3339 Centennial Drive, Saskatoon

Ph:  306-384-1100
Carol Kostiuk


St. Michael Roman Catholic Parish
18 - 33rd Street East, Saskatoon  Ph.:  306-242-5150
Carol Kostiuk


Augustana Lutheran Church
1201 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon

Carol Kostiuk


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