Federal Election: Voting as a Catholic

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“For Catholics, voting is not only a duty but should be done well. A key feature of carrying out one’s duty and responsibility to vote is to exercise and inform one’s conscience. This is particularly important because we are called to be voices that speak to virtue, healing and decency in politics and social engagement. We are also called to be mindful of both our needs and goals and those of others – especially those who are unable to speak for themselves.” – Bishop Mark Hagemoen.

Snapshot of issues, Catholic teaching and party policies: ELECTION HANDOUT

Bishop Mark Hagemoen’s Letter regarding Federal Election: Election discernment


Watch the “Election Debate from a Catholic Perspective” held on Thursday, Oct 3 in the Archdiocese of Toronto:


Salt + Light has also produced an excellent summary of the moral obligation that Catholics have to vote, and how our faith must play a role when we are deciding how to cast our ballot, part of their Behold series:


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has produced a resource:  2019 Federal Election Guide: Voting as Catholics   /   Guide des élections fédérales de 2019 which states:

“By exercising their right to vote, citizens fulfill their duty of choosing a government and at the same time send a clear signal to the candidates being presented by their political parties for election…..”

Check out the CCCB Guide and its links to more deeply explore such issues as:

More Resources:

Reflection by Myron Rogal, Office of Justice and Peace, Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon: “Political but not Partisan”


Catholic Formation for Civic Participation –

Federal Parties’ Platforms: ConscienceCard-2019

Catholic Teaching listed alongside Party Platforms: SUMMARY

Archdiocese of Toronto – Election page:

Reflection Series by Dr. Brett Salkeld, Archdiocesan Theologian, courtesy of the Archdiocese of Regina:

“How to Vote Like a Catholic” – with Dr. Brett Salkeld (video of presentation in Regina Oct. 1:


“Proclaim Christ and God’s Kingdom” – Pastoral Plan launched for diocese

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At an annual diocesan Administration Day Sept. 20, Bishop Mark Hagemoen unveiled a Pastoral Plan for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon focused on the mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ.

“Evangelization must permeate everything we do — everything we do proclaims Christ and God’s Kingdom,” said Bishop Hagemoen, announcing the promulgation and rolling out of the new Pastoral Plan.

The bishop challenged Pastors, Parish Life Directors, ministry leaders and parish representatives from across the diocese of Saskatoon to use the proposed three-year plan as a way to reflect upon strengths, gaps, and new directions.

The mission statement “Proclaim Christ and God’s Kingdom” is identified in the Pastoral Plan, along with six priorities — beginning first and foremost with: “Draw People into a Deepening Intimacy with the Lord.

“Whether it is a parish of five families, or 15,000, the task and the mission of Christ is fundamentally the same,” he said. “Ultimately, everything must involve  the call to evangelization.”



Greg Chatlain, Director of Education for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, was one of the facilitators for the eight-month planning process undertaken by the Diocesan Pastoral Council (which includes representatives from parishes of all sizes from across the diocese, as well as pastors, religious, and other leaders). “What you are seeing today is the result of many hours of wrestling and discussion, and of challenging each other to come up with those things that we all need to work on together,” Chatlain said at the Administration Day launch.

Reason for developing a Pastoral Plan

Bishop Hagemoen described why the first task that he gave to the newly-formed Diocesan Pastoral Council was to discern the needs and challenges facing the Church, and to produce a Pastoral Plan for the diocese and its parishes.

“As I travelled the diocese I was hearing different expressions from the parishes that we have in the diocese of Saskatoon — dreams, hopes, concerns — as you can probably guess, some of the concerns especially in the rural area were around issues of viability,” explained the bishop. “At the same time, Saskatoon has had the highest growth rate of any city in Canada, which has an impact on our parishes and communities, so there is need for planning for growth.”

In both cases, one cannot just plan for improving viability or for growth, without a vision, goals and priorities, he said. “Especially in the Church, especially in ministry, if it doesn’t come from the mission of Christ and the Church, then all we would be doing is enlarging our maintenance.”

Bishop Hagemoen cited the insight he heard from a Parish Pastoral Council chair at a small rural parish: “Bishop Mark, we love our church, we put a lot of work into our church and we will continue to do that, but we are exceedingly concerned that we are putting 95 per cent of our effort into maintaining our building and very little into the mission,. We know that if we keep doing that, we won’t last, we will die… we want to, and we need to, engage in mission.”

The six priorities/ goals

Click on each goal for more detail

  1. Draw People into a Deepening Intimacy with the Lord!  –  Supporting a deepening friendship and intimacy with Jesus Christ
  2. Make Every Sunday Matter  – Focusing on our Sunday celebrations
  3. “Embrace Your Priesthood”  –  Discerning God’s call to each person to share in the mission and life of the Lord
  4. Build and Support Family and Community  – Strengthening and supporting families and marriages, vocations support
  5. Promote the Healing Journey in the Lord – Healing, growth, serving, ongoing conversion
  6. Move from Maintenance to Mission. – Helping parishes proclaim Christ in everything


“We are only beginning — the coming months will see the rolling out of this,” Bishop Hagemoen said of the Pastoral Plan. “This is not meant to be a quick fix or a quick experience, check off a couple of things — that is not what it is meant to be.”

He added that he takes his responsibility as bishop seriously, and that he sees the plan as a way to move forward and deepen engagement with the mission of proclaiming Christ and the Kingdom of God, “I am building on the faith life of a great diocese,” he said.

Next steps:

At the diocesan level, the Pastoral Plan will assist in moving forward in ministries and programs to assist parishes and provide resources. As next steps for parishes, the bishop proposed the following:

  • Personally and prayerfully review and consider the Pastoral Plan, the mission and goals
  • Review and discussion at parish level
  • Review by parish and finance councils; parish ministry people; general parishioners
  • Possible discussion at deanery level
  • Determine parish priorities/tasks given strengths and gaps
  • Seek supports and resources

Working poster outlining the Pastoral Plan’s mission and goals: PDF of poster


Bishop Mark Hagemoen Blog – Summer 2019 Trip to the West Coast

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Trip to Garibaldi Highlands and Black Tusk with graduates from St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission Apostolic Year

By Bishop Mark Hagemoen, Bishop of Saskatoon

Six graduates from St. Therese, Brunojoined myself and several others from the Archdiocese of Vancouveron a spectacular one-day 27-kilometre hike through Garibaldi Park and Black Tusk mountain this summer. The area is utterly spectacular and beautiful. It is also a great introduction to prairie people of the mountainous playground of British Columbia and specifically, the southwest coast mountains.

The six graduates from St. Therese were: Rheal Chartier (St. Boniface Archdiocese, Manitoba); Veronica and Dominique Skuban (St. Paul Diocese, Alberta); Alison Fox (Calgary Diocese, Alberta); Kaitlyn Deck (Saskatoon Diocese, Saskatchewan); Peter Van Leeuwen (Archdiocese of Vancouver, British Columbia). Joining us were: Douglas Pham and his fiancé, Julia Rumpel and Beverly Ng of Vancouver; Josh Dupuis (just moved from Saskatoon to Vancouver); and Rev. Gary Franken of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

The area features vast and majestic topography of meadow highlands, as well as spectacular ridges and peaks – many which fall off into seemingly empty abysses.

Josh Dupuis, Fr. Gary Franken, Rheal Chartier, Alison Fox, and +Mark Hagemoen on ascent toward Black Tusk Peak, in the distance.

Peter Van Leeuwen, Rheal Chartier, and Fr. Gary Franken take a needed break in the scree as they ascend the ridge.

Rheal Chartier is thinking: “Gee, there’s nothing this high in Manitoba! What am I doing up here?!!

A quick selfie looking backwards on the ridge approaching the Black Tusk.

The views get increasingly spectacular of the glacial meadows and highlands around Garibaldi Lake as we ascend the ridge.

Peter Van Leauwan carefully watches his next step!! Black Tusk Peak, in the distance.

The group celebrates at the top of the Tusk!

Working our way back down the chimneys.

Josh Dupuis, Fr. Gary Franken, Peter Van Leeuwen, and myself climbing up and down the final ‘chimney accesses’ up the cinder cone of Black Tusk.

The Tusk is both alluring and daunting as its viewed against the sky.

Getting ready to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in the upper meadows following the descent.

A truly epic day with a great group!

Visit to Our Lady Queen of Peace Dominican Monastery in Upper Squamish Valley

The following day we had the opportunity to visit the Dominican religious community of cloister religions women at Our Lady Queen of Peace. The community was formerly established at their home in Upper Squamish Valley in August 2012, having arrived 12 years earlier and working to establish their new community in the Archdiocese of Vancouver in 1999.

The current Dominican community of religious women at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

The spectacular view of the Tantalus Range from the Chapel at the Monastery.

For further information about the community, please visit:

Other hiking in the area during the trip to the West Coast

It was great to continue to experience other wilderness hiking during the visit to the West Coast. All of these places I have spent much time at during my previous years living in the region, both during my youth and my 23 years as a priest in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

View of the Howe Sound Crest Ridge as viewed looking east from Gambier Island.

Gambier Lake, Gambier Island

Views approaching Brunswick Mountain, Cypress Provincial Park overlooking Howe Sound.

The approach and climb,  and the views from Brunswick Mountain are spectacular. Amazing to still see snow on the back slopes in late August – indicating that the west coast had a more moderate summer than previous years.

The meadow slopes in the upper ridge between Brunswick and Harvey Mountains.

Peaks to the south include Mount Harveyand The Lions– the most famous mountains viewed from Vancouver overlooking the North Shore Mountains.

View towards Mount Harvey – the next destination to the south of Brunswick Mountain.

View from Mount Harvey to The Lions.

Looking up from the base of Mount Harvey at the end of the hike.

Eagle Ridgeover Buntzen and Coquitlam Lakes.

Another opportunity to enjoy a great – although hot – day with my nephew, Matthew Hagemoen. Here we have just had a feed of mountain blueberries. They are quite abundant this time of year.

Views from Mount Beautifullooking along Eagle Ridge.

View from “The Pulpit” overlooking Coquitlam Lake.

View up Swan Falls Creekalong the trail descending the ridge.

Dinner with my father, Eric Hagemoenat his cabin at Shuswap Lake.

Rainbow over the Shuswap– a great sign during a wonderful respite.




I have been very blessed to have this time in the mountains in the south-west region of British Columbia, my home for many years. I return refreshed and renewed to the Diocese of Saskatoon, ready to receive further the blessings of the great Prairies and its peoples!

                                                            In Christ,      

+Mark HagemoenBishop Mark Hagemoen Blog – Summer 2019 Trip to the West Coast

Season of Creation event Sept. 19 in Saskatoon

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The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon is once again hosting the program entitled the Season of Creation, with a prayer service at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19 at Steve Patola Park, 1235-20th Street West, Saskatoon, followed by a panel discussion, displays, and coffee in the adjacent hall at St. George Senior Citizens Club.

The Season of Creation is an annual celebration of prayer and action to protect God’s creation. It is celebrated by Christians of all traditions, and the leaders of various churches have encouraged the faithful to participate. The season begins on Sept. 1, the World Day of Prayer for Creation, and runs through Oct. 4, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology in many Western traditions.

Sept. 1 was proclaimed as a day of Prayer for Creation (World Day of Prayer for Creation, or Creation Day) by Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I for the Orthodox in 1989, and was embraced by the other major Christian European churches in 2001, and by Pope Francis for the Roman Catholic Church in 2015.

Bishop Bryan Bayda opened the 2018 Akathist prayer service. (Photo by Linden Predy, Eparchy of Saskatoon)

The Akathist Prayers in Praise and Care for God’s Creation will be held outdoors at Steve Patola Park (1235-20th St. West) on Thursday, Sept. 19, at 7:00 p.m., with Fr. Janko Kolosnjaji of St. George Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral presiding.

Speakers at the panel discussion in the hall, which follows the outdoor prayer service include:

  • Bishop Bryan Bayda of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon,
  • Bishop Mark Hagemoen of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon,
  • Rabbi Claudio Jodorkovsky of Congregation Agudas Israel, Saskatoon,
  • Sandra Harper from the Indigenous community of Saskatoon,
  • Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz of the Saskatoon Unitarians,
  • Various youth / young adults.

The panel will be reflecting on the theme of Healing Mother Earth, Reconciling with Each Other.

The hall at St. George Senior Citizens Club will be decorated with educational posters, and a new initiative – environmental product displays operated by local entrepreneurs and businesses – will facilitate informal dialogue from 6:00 p.m. Sept. 19 through to the end of the evening’s activities.

(For more information about the Saskatoon event, please contact Lesya Sabada – )

Pope Francis asks us to pray for creation:

“We need a change that unites us all…”

Find more information about Seasons of Creation at:

Read Pope Francis’ encyclical on Care for Our Common home at: Laudato Si’

Other resources about Season of Creation:



Grow Hope Saskatchewan 2019

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The 2019 Grow Hope Saskatchewan Field Day was held Aug. 24 in Rosthern, including a visit to one of the fields donors are sponsoring to raise funds for Canadian Foodgrains bank.

Update for Grow Hope Saskatchewan:

Farm families in Saskatchewan have generously dedicated acres towards the project and donations are being collected to sponsor those acres, with profits from the harvest going to support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank ministry to feed some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

For more information follow Grow Hope Saskatchewan on Facebook or see the website at: or to make a donation go to the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation website:

Through Grow Hope, Canadians who don’t have a farming connection can play a part in growing a crop by sponsoring an acre that will be farmed to help in the fight against world hunger—and learn more about farming and what is involved in growing food at the same time.

Here’s how it works: Farmers grow crops for the Foodgrains Bank. Depending on the crop being grown, it will cost $300, $400 or $500 an acre for seed and other inputs. At the end of the growing season, the farmers will sell their crops, donating the entire amounts to the Foodgrains Bank. Through the special arrangement the Foodgrains Bank has with the Government of Canada, the proceeds from the sale of the crop can be matched 3:1 for food security work or 4:1 for food aid work in the developing world.




Bishop Hagemoen visits parishes in Wadena deanery

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Bishop Mark Hagemoen recently completed a pastoral visit to the 13 parishes of the Wadena deanery.

Eucharistic celebrations, cemetery blessings, and town hall meetings were on the agenda as Bishop Hagemoen travelled throughout the Wadena deanery July 9-13, visiting all 13 parishes in the easternmost region of the diocese, with a number of other stops, such as a visit to a youth camp in the area.

Bishop Hagemoen made a similar pastoral visit in the fall of 2018 to the parishes of the Humboldt Deanery.


Pastoral visit highlights: NEWS SITE



Parishes in the Wadena deanery

WADENA parish cluster (Pastor: Fr. Emmanuel Banahene)

St. Mary Catholic Church in Wadena, SK

ST. FRONT parish cluster (Pastor: Fr. Charles Nweze)

St. Front Catholic Church at St. Front, SK

WYNYARD parish cluster (Pastor: Fr. Augustine Osei-Bonsu)

St. Mary Catholic Church at Wynyard, SK

Schedule for the Bishop’s Pastoral Visit July 9-13

Tuesday July 9

  • 4:00 pm Mass at St. Theresa, Lintlaw, followed by cemetery visit
  • 7:00 pm Town Hall meeting at St. Joseph, Kelvington

Wednesday July 10

  • 9:00 am Mass and Adoration at St. Mary, Wadena
  • 3:00 pm Visit with parishioners at St. Athanasius, Perigord, followed by visit to Our Lady Queen of Poland, Fosston, and cemetery visit
  • 6:00 pm Visit with parishioners at Our Lady Queen of Poland, Fosston

Thursday July 11

  • 10:00 am Meeting with Fr. Charles
  • 10:30 am Mass at St. George, Naicam
  • 11:30 am Lunch and Town Hall meeting at St. George, Naicam, followed by cemetery visit
  • 3:00 pm Visit to St. Felix, Archerwill, followed by cemetery visit
  • 4:30 pm Visit to Rex Mundi Camp / Christ the King Youth Camp
  • 6:00 pm Mass at St. Lawrence, Nobleville, followed by supper

Friday July 12

  • 9:00 am Visit to St. Front cemetery
  • 10:30 am Mass at Christ the King, Rose Valley, followed by lunch and Town Hall meeting at Rose Valley
  • 2:30 pm Visit to Rose Valley cemetery
  • 4:30 pm Dinner in Wynyard
  • 6:00 pm Mass at St. Mary, Wynyard
  • 7:00 pm Town Hall meeting for parishes at Wynyard, Wishart and Foam Lake, held at St. Mary Church, Wynyard

Saturday July 13

  • 9:00 am Mass at Christ the King, Foam Lake
  • 10:00 am Visit to Foam Lake cemetery
  • 11:30 am Visit to Seho cemetery
  • 1:00 pm Lunch in Foam Lake
  • 3:00 pm Visit to Wynyard cemetery
  • 4:15 pm Visit to Wishart cemetery
  • 5:00 pm Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Wishart
  • 6:15 pm Potluck supper at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Wishart

Christ the King Roman Catholic Church / Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church at Foam Lake, Sk

St. Athanasius Catholic Church, Perigord, SK

St, Felix Catholic Church at Archerwill, SK

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church at Wishart, SK

St. Joseph Catholic Church at Kelvington, SK

St. George Catholic Church at Naicam, SK

St. Theresa Catholic Church at Lintlaw, SK

St. Mary Catholic Church at Fosston, SK

St. Lawrence Catholic Church at Nobleville, SK

Christ the King Catholic Church at Rose Valley, SK

World Day of Prayer for Priests

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On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, June 28, the Church marks the World Day of Prayer for Sanctification of Priests.

The day of prayer was begun by Saint Pope John Paul II in 2002.

Letter from the Apostolic Nunciature to Canada

Circular Letter from the Congregation for Clergy

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for June is for priests: Vatican website article

Our Holy Father Pope Francis says:

would like to ask you to look at the priests who work in our communities.

They are not perfect, but many give it their all until the very end, offering themselves with humility and joy.

They are priests who are close to the people, ready to work hard for everyone.

Let us be thankful for their example and testimony.

Let us pray that priests, through the modesty and humility of their lives, commit themselves actively, above all, to solidarity with those who are most poor.


Pastoral Appointments announced

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A message from Bishop Mark Hagemoen June 5, 2019: “I am pleased to announce the following clergy appointments, all of which will be effective August 1, 2019, unless otherwise indicated.   There are a few outstanding assignments to be announced in the near future.”

PDF of the Message from Bishop Mark Hagemoen: Appointments 2019

A. Pastors:

Fr. Peter Olisa




Fr. Peter Olisa, Pastor at St. Anne, Watrous, SK; St. Pius X, Imperial, SK; and St. Patrick, Young, SK:   Fr. Peter Olisa has served as Associate Pastor at St. Augustine parish in Humboldt and at Holy Spirit parish in Saskatoon.




Fr. Emile April



Fr. Emile April, Pastor at Trinity Parishes: Saints Donation et Rogatien, Prud’homme, SK; St. Denis, St. Denis, SK; St. Philippe Neri, Vonda, SK.




Fr. Thekkekulam Santhosh, VC



Fr. Thekkekulam Santhosh, VC, Pastor at St. James, Wilkie, SK; Our Lady of the Assumption, Handel, SK’ and St. Paschal, Leipzig:  Fr. Santhosh is from Marymatha Provincial House in India. Fr. Santhosh has been ordained for 11 years.  (Arrival and start date to be confirmed).




Fr. Hoang Nguyen



Fr. Hoang Nguyen, Pastor at St. Joseph, Saskatoon and St. Francis Xavier, Saskatoon; and for the Vietnamese community in Saskatoon:  Fr. Hoang has been serving the Fox Valley cluster of parishes.




Fr. David Tumback




Fr. David Tumback,Pastor at St. Patrick, Saskatoon:   Fr. David has been on a one-year sabbatical after serving at the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatoon for 12 years.




Fr. Geoffrey Young




Fr. Geoffrey Young, Pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, Saskatoon:   Fr. Geoffrey returns from his studies in Rome.




Fr. Francis Appiah-Kubi




Fr. Francis Appiah-Kubi,Pastor at St. Mary, Fox Valley, SK; St. Michael, Burstall, SK; St. Mary, Richmound, SK:  Fr. Francis is joining us from the diocese of Kumasi, Ghana.



Fr. Mick Fleming, CSsR




Fr. Mick Fleming, CSsR, Pastor at St. Mary, Saskatoon:  Fr. Mick has been in the formation house for Redemptorists in San Antonio, Texas for the past two years and prior to that had served at St. Mary’s for five years.



B. Associate Pastors:

Fr. Prosper Abotsi

Fr. Prosper Abotsi, Associate Pastorat St. Augustine, Humboldt, St. Scholastica, Burr, Holy Trinity, Pilger, Assumption of our Lady, Marysburg:  Fr. Prosper is from the diocese of Jasikan, Ghana.





C. Chaplains:

Fr. Phong Pham




Fr. Phong Pham, Chaplain at St. George’s Chapel, CFB, Dundurn, SK:   Fr. Phong has served at Our Lady of Lourdes, Saskatoon.




Special Assignments:

Fr. Richmond Diala




Fr. Richmond Diala, Pastor, Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas, Athabasca Region, including Our Lady of the Cape, Black Lake, SK; Our Lady of Sorrows, Fond Du Lac, SK; Our Lady of Good Counsel, Stony Rapids, SK.  Fr. Richmond has been serving as Associate Pastor at St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral as well as in Hospital Chaplaincy.



D. Seminarian Update:

Van Tam (Luke) Tran, seminarian



Van Tam (Luke) Tran will be entering his second year of seminary at Christ the King Seminary in Mission, BC this fall.  He is currently living at St. Michael’s parish in Cudworth. Please join us in remembering in prayer Luke and all those considering entering the seminary to discern priesthood.



E. Clergy Updates:

Fr. Richard Meidl, OSB




Fr. Richard Meidl, OSB, will be returning to St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster. He has been serving as Pastor in Watrous, SK; Imperial, SK; and Young, SK.




Fr. Lawrence DeMong, OSB




Fr. Lawrence DeMong, OSB, will be returning to St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster. He has been serving in the Archdiocese of Keewatin Le-Pas as Pastor at Southend, SK, and La Ronge, SK.



Fr. Steve Morrisey, CSsR




Fr. Stephen Morrisey, CSsR, will be receiving a new assignment outside of the Diocese of Saskatoon. He has been serving as Pastor of the Trinity parish cluster and in prison chaplaincy.



Fr. Nestor Gregoire, OMI



Fr. Nestor Gregoire, OMI, will be receiving an assignment in the Archdiocese of Regina. He has been serving as Pastor of St. Joseph, Saskatoon and St. Francis Xavier, Saskatoon.




Fr. George Chatholil, VC




Fr. George Chatholil, VC, will be returning to the Vincentian community in India. He has been serving as Pastor at Wilkie, SK; Handel, SK; and Leipzig, SK.



Fr. Gerard Cooper




Fr. Gerard Cooper will be taking a sabbatical. He has been serving as Pastor of St. Patrick, Saskatoon.





Fr. Denis Phaneuf




Fr. Denis Phaneuf will be retiring. He has been serving as Chaplain at CFB Dundurn, SK.





Fr. Ciro Perez, CSsR




Fr. Ciro Perez, CSsR, will be receiving a new assignment outside of the Diocese of Saskatoon. He has been serving as Pastor at St. Mary, Saskatoon.




Deacon Kris Ringwall recently moved to Saskatoonfrom the Diocese of Bismark, North Dakota, USA, and will be working at the University of Saskatchewan.

I take this opportunity to thank all of these priests for their ministry in our diocese and we pray for God’s blessings on their priesthood as they move forward to new assignments or retirement.

“Please offer a warm welcome to the priests joining our diocese as you have an opportunity to meet them and remember all in your prayers.”

In Christ,

Most Reverend Mark A. Hagemoen

Message from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for the 2019 National March for Life

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In communion with the Holy Father,  the Bishops of Canada support the sanctity of life

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), in profound unison with Pope Francis, affirms that all human life should be respected and protected from the moment of conception until natural death.

The Bishops of Canada have and will continue to advocate and collaborate with organizations across the country, many of which are not Catholic, in endeavours to bring together people from different perspectives who believe in the sanctity of life.

Events such as the annual and regional Marches for Life are meaningful opportunities to unite thousands of people speaking with one voice to proclaim the dignity of all human life.

In full communion with the Holy Father, Catholic Bishops and all faithful are united in declaring, as the Church has believed since its beginning, that the “distinctiveness of human life is an absolute good,” and that “abortion and euthanasia [are] extremely grave evils that contradict the Spirit of life and plunge us into the anti-culture of death.”

Likewise, Pope Francis has recently observed that the “threshold of basic respect for human life is being crossed, and brutally at that, not only by instances of individual conduct but also by the effects of societal choices and structures” (15 January 2019 letter from Pope Francis to the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life).

Today, the Bishops join their prayers with all those who stand up for life.

Message from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for the 2019 National March for Life

PDF of CCCB Statement

(English): Message – Marche pour la vie 2019 March for Life – EN

(French): Message – Marche pour la vie 2019 March for Life – FR