Called To Share The Hope That’s Within You – A Breakout Session with John Hickey

Breakout session at Congress Days at 1:00 p.m. Friday, March 27, 2020.

Called to Share the Hope That’s Within You – If someone were to ask you “Why are you a Catholic?” what would you say? John Hickey explores why answering this question is essential for every Catholic, and describes how he has seen the transformative power our testimony can have. John will also help get you started on how to share your story.

John Hickey is the Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) Campus Leader at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. He and his wife Heather have four children.

John says on the CCO website: “While I was baptized as an infant, and grew up in the Church,  faith was just a small interest in my life. After being away from the Church for about a year as a university student, it was through my involvement with CCO that I had an encounter with Jesus which changed everything.

He adds: “I am always blown away by the way God works so clearly and powerfully in the lives of the students I get to work with. If you just give Him a chance, he’ll do big things in your life…. Being on staff with CCO has allowed me to grow in my leadership and in my faith. Through my involvement with CCO, I have been given opportunities to lead others that I never would have thought possible. I’ve also learned how to effectively share my faith with others, which has been a great blessing in my personal life.”