Eight priests in our diocese are each celebrating more than 55 years of priestly service this month

June is a big month for ordination anniversaries in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon. Among those celebrating anniversaries this month are eight men marking 55-plus years of priestly service, namely:


  • June 1, 1958 – Fr. Bernard de Margerie – 65 years (long-time pastor known for his work on ecumenism and Christian unity, founding director of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, author/editor of a book of prayers for unity)
  • June 1, 1963 – Fr.  Lawrence DeMong, OSB  – 60 years (Benedictine Monk of St. Peter’s Abbey who has served in many ways, as pastor, missionary, chaplain and teacher: most recently serves as administrator for parishes in Holdfast area)
  • June 1, 1963 – Fr. Ralph Kleiter – 60 years (served in parishes, started the diocesan communications office, and continues his work with pilgrim travellers in his Ministry to Tourism)

  • June 3, 1967 – Fr. Emile April – 56 years (served as pastor for a number of parishes in the diocese, as well as serving as a missionary for 26 years in the diocese’s Brazil Mission)

    Fr. Emile April was ordained June 3, 1967.


  • June 5, 1965 – Fr. Denis Phaneuf – 58 years (served as pastor for many parishes across the diocese of Saskatoon, as well as being a chaplain and mentor to various movements and groups)
  • June 5, 1965 – Fr. Raymond Senger – 58 years (served as pastor for many parishes, as well as a teacher, and received the title of Monsignor in 2012 when he was recognized by Pope Benedict XVI as “Chaplain of His Holiness.”)

Fr. Denis Phaneuf (left) and Monsignor Raymond Senger were both ordained June 5, 1965.


  • June 10, 1961 – Fr. Daniel Muyres, OSB – 62 years (Benedictine monk of St. Peter’s Abbey, who has served at the monastery in many ways, as well as being a parish priest in a number of locations, hospital chaplain, etc.)


Fr. Daniel Muyres, OSB, was ordained June 10, 1961.

  • June 21, 1962 – Fr. André Poilievre – 61 years (served in many parishes, as director of the diocesan Catholic Centre, and in prison chaplaincy, and was a co-founder of STR8UP 10,000 Steps to Healing, which helps young people leave the gang lifestyle and find health and healing)

Fr. André Poilievre was ordained June 21, 1962.

We thank God for their vocation, witness and service, and ask God to bless each one. Congratulations!


Rooted in Christ