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Catholic Education Week

Read a message from the Catholic Bishops of Saskatchewan for Catholic Education Week: PDF

Marked from May, 14 to May 20, this year’s theme is “Catholic Education: We are Many, We are One”, which is taken from St. Paul: “We, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually weare members, one of another.” (Rom 12:5)

 Catholic Education Week Prayer

We are many, we are one; we all form one body in Christ.
Lord, when we see the one before us, let us reverence your presence within;
when we listen to one another, let us hear with our hearts;
when we reflect on each encounter, may we discern to understand;
when we learn from those around us, let us respect our differences with joy;
and when we act, may we be kind and generous to all,
for each person is a member of your body, with all that they are.
We are many, we are one.

Find more information at Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools: website

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