Refugee Sponsorship Update: waiting list ended, new intake process introduced

End of the waiting list and introduction of a new Intake Process

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon has made the difficult decision to end its refugee sponsorship waiting list as of Dec. 31, 2019. The list ​became too long ​to be manageable.  In the new climate for refugee sponsorship, ​it became impossible to fulfill it.  We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

Getting your paperwork back

If you have given the Migration Office any application forms or other documents and would like to have them returned, please contact the office by e-mail ( or text (306-321-5956).  Please give the full name of the person whose name is on the waiting list.  We will contact you to tell you when you can pick up the forms.  Any forms not picked up by Feb. 28, 2020 will be shredded.

What now?

The Migration Office now has an annual intake process for refugee sponsorships.  If you wish to be considered for sponsorship spaces in 2020, please EMAIL us at on or after 1 January 2020.  We will then contact you and get further information from you.  Note: If you received sponsorship spaces from us in 2019, you will NOT be considered for spaces in 2020.

New refugee sponsorship requirements

Please note that to meet the new government requirements, and to promote greater fairness, the Diocese of Saskatoon’s sponsorship methods have changed.

  1. We work with established church groups rather than family-linked co-sponsors.  If you wish to propose a sponsorship, please approach a local Christian congregation or established community group and ask them to explore the possibility of partnering with you.
  2. To be fair to the many communities who have refugees they want to sponsor, we now have a lifetime limit on how many people any one person or couple can sponsor.  If you have already had many sponsorships through the diocese, you will not be considered for further spots.
  3. To ensure that the refugee newcomers are provided for according to the government regulations, we require the funds for the sponsorship to be placed in trust at the time we submit the application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Normally funds  would be held in trust by the sponsoring Catholic parish.  Where a non-Catholic parish or organization is the sponsoring group, the funds would be held by the diocese.  Money held in trust is then paid directly to the refugee for start-up costs and monthly expenses  by the parish or diocese as appropriate.

For further information, please contact the Migration Office BY EMAIL or TEXT ONLY.  Email:  Text: 306-321-5956.

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