Grow Hope Saskatchewan 2019

By July 29, 2019August 26th, 2019News

The 2019 Grow Hope Saskatchewan Field Day was held Aug. 24 in Rosthern, including a visit to one of the fields donors are sponsoring to raise funds for Canadian Foodgrains bank.

Update for Grow Hope Saskatchewan:

Farm families in Saskatchewan have generously dedicated acres towards the project and donations are being collected to sponsor those acres, with profits from the harvest going to support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank ministry to feed some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

For more information follow Grow Hope Saskatchewan on Facebook or see the website at: or to make a donation go to the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation website:

Through Grow Hope, Canadians who don’t have a farming connection can play a part in growing a crop by sponsoring an acre that will be farmed to help in the fight against world hunger—and learn more about farming and what is involved in growing food at the same time.

Here’s how it works: Farmers grow crops for the Foodgrains Bank. Depending on the crop being grown, it will cost $300, $400 or $500 an acre for seed and other inputs. At the end of the growing season, the farmers will sell their crops, donating the entire amounts to the Foodgrains Bank. Through the special arrangement the Foodgrains Bank has with the Government of Canada, the proceeds from the sale of the crop can be matched 3:1 for food security work or 4:1 for food aid work in the developing world.




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