Response to sexual abuse and misconduct – our Covenant of Care

By August 23, 2018April 29th, 2020News

Our diocese has procedures in place for reporting and dealing with sexual abuse or misconduct affecting people of all ages.

The Covenant of Care is a code of conduct in the diocese of Saskatoon, designed to create safe and respectful church communities and healthy ministerial relationships, and to protect people of all ages from abuse and the harm that results.

The Covenant of Care protocol strives to provide proactive protection for:

  • children, youth and vulnerable adults, and
  • those who minister, including clergy, employees and church volunteers.

Click on this link to view the policy documents:

Covenant of Care & Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Protocol.

To speak to someone about a concern related to sexual abuse, misconduct, or the Covenant of Care in our diocese, please see: “To Report Abuse”

The Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Protocol is designed to ensure that allegations of sexual abuse and other misconduct are handled responsibly, transparently and with all due care and attention. Together these two parts form the Covenant of Care & Sexual Abuse Misconduct Protocol providing authoritative directives for all who minister within and on behalf of the Diocese of Saskatoon.

We take up this responsibility and corresponding preventative and reporting requirements not only because of incidents of abuse in our Church, but primarily because the protection and care of those most in need is at the heart of the Gospel we proclaim and in the heart of the God who gives us life. May the legacy of the Diocese of Saskatoon be transparent faithfulness to the heart of Jesus, that all of God’s people might find love, mercy and tender care in the arms of the Church.

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