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June 2018

Meeting and Settling into the Diocese of Saskatoon

By Bishop Mark Hagemoen's blog

My first spring season in the Saskatoon diocese has featured meeting with diocesan and community groups, visiting parishes and Catholic schools, and getting to know the great people of this amazing diocese. I continue to be amazed by peoples’ great faith and energy which is directed into so many activities of prayer, discipleship, and service.

The procession getting ready to celebrate at Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon.

Celebrating a Baptism with Fr. Marvin Lishchynsky and the Cote family at St. John Bosco Parish

“Well, I’ll try to get better at this!!”

“Well, I’ll try to get better at this!!”

Gathering for Children’s Liturgy of the Word at St. Theresa’s Parish in Asquith.

Gathering for Children’s Liturgy of the Word at St. Theresa’s Parish in Asquith.

Inspecting the Church at Tramping Lake with Fr. Greg

Inspecting St. Michael’s Church at Tramping Lake with Fr. Greg Roth.

Visit with Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark

On February 8 I was warmly welcomed by Mayor Clark at his Saskatoon City Hall office. I appreciated his knowledge of a great variety of issues and his hopes for the people of Saskatoon and the province. He has a heart for persons dealing with speciall challenges. He is also a humble servant leader.

Visits to our Catholic Schools

Grade 6 class at Mother Theresa Elementary School in Saskatoon.

Visit to the Grade 9 class at E.D. Feehan Catholic High School in Saskatoon.

St. Gerard’s Elementary School in Saskatoon.

‘Question & Answer’ time at the French High Schools’ Student Retreat at held at Sts-Martyrs- Canadiens parish in Saskatoon. 

Getting ready for Ash Wednesday Mass at Bethlehem Catholic High School in Saskatoon.

Presentation from St. Thomas More (STM) College’s student delegates to recent justice conference.

Children lead the choir at STM Sunday morning Mass.

Visiting with Students at St. Therese Institute in Bruno.

Posing after serious game of ‘Dodge Ball’ in Bruno.

Celebrating with the Vietnamese community Feb. 18 at St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Saskatoon.

Clergy Study Days 2018

This year’s Clergy Study Days featured Fr. Robert Christian, OP, who led the clergy of the Diocese through a theological and pastoral reflection on the Ministerial and Common Priesthood: the fullness and clergy and lay engagement in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Surprising news came to our diocese following the conclusion of our Study Days – our presenter, Fr. Christian, was named the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Congratulations and God’s blessings on you, Bishop Elect Christian.

Fr. Ken Beck addresses the clergy during the business portion of our gathering.

Celebration of First Communion and Confirmation at Davidson, with Fr. Godwin Aghedo, OP and the 3 Suderman brothers: Stan, Robert, and Aiden

Confirmation/ First Eucharist at Little Flower Parish in Leader with Pastor, Fr. Joseph Thazhathemuriyil, VC on May 5, 2018.

One of two large groups of candidates at St. Ann’s Parish in Saskatoon.

St Mary’s Parish in Wynard and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Wyshart with Fr. Augustine.

An intriguing poster about ‘healing & recovery’ drew my attention as I attended a meeting of STR8UP – a healing and recovery program for people drawn into gang life. Str8UP founder, Fr. André Poilièvre invited me to the group meeting.

The Pure Witness Ministries Team at St. Michael’s School doing a primary students retreat. The students loved the high energy and sincere faith sharing!!

The graduating class of St. Therese Institute, following the Mass and Commissioning celebration held on Saturday May 19 at St. Bruno’s Parish, with Fr. Pius Schroh.

On May 22 the St. Thomas More College community bid farewell to its President, Dr. Terrence Downey. Under Dr. Downey’s leadership, the College benefited directly, both academically and in terms of the physical expansion and upgrading of the college facility. He will be missed immensely! Here Dr Downey addresses College members and supporters after a many presentations from community members expressing thanks and appreciation for his generous leadership.

The spring season has been a very full time in the Diocese of Saskatoon. What a vibrant and faith-filled diocese!

In Christ, +Mark Hagemoen

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