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Bishop's Annual Appeal Give Online

2019 Youth Synod at Feehan

2019 Youth Synod: Let Your Voice Be Heard will be held at E.D. Feehan High School, Saskatoon with Community Elders and Bishop Mark Hgemoen, Jan. 29-30 for youth ages 14-19 years. Register at

Give to Development and Peace: Caritas Canada

Bangladesh One Year Later

The Dying Healed workshop teaches important issues about human suffering, human dignity and the power of human presence, as well as other end of life issues. For more information contact the diocesan Hospital Chaplaincy office (306) 659-5839.

The Knights of Columbus presented $70,000 to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation Dec. 9 during a pancake breakfast at Holy Family Cathedral – the funds were raised at the 2018 K of C Celebrity Dinner in October.

Sociologist Dr. Angus Reid and MD, author and ethicist Sr. Nuala Kenny were welcomed by Bishop Mark Hagemoen at a diocesan Study Day Oct. 19 in Saskatoon. While there has been declining church attendance in recent decades, studies on faith, prayer and attitudes toward religion show that many retain a belief in God and a faith connection, contradicting the idea that religion is passé in our society, said Dr. Reid in his presentation. Sr. Kenny challenged listeners to reclaim their baptismal role of caring for the vulnerable in the face of legalized Medically Assisted Death.

"I urge you to join me in prayer for the victims of sexual abuse, and to recommit ourselves to the protection of all vulnerable people in every situation....." - Bishop Mark Hagemoen

Diocesan Weekly Bulletin Announcements

Diocesan Weekly Bulletin Announcements, January 20, 2019, Second Sunday In Ordinary Time; Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity
Diocesan Weekly Bulletin Announcements, January 13, 2019 Baptism Of The Lord, First Sunday In Ordinary Time
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Office Hours

9 a.m. to noon,
1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays
on the second floor
of the
Cathedral of the Holy Family,
123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon.

For more information call

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Fr. Ron's Blog

With the aim of continuing to invest in the education of lay Catholics, the Diocese of Saskatoon has an Education of Laity Fund.

The Covenant of Care is a code of conduct designed to create safe and respectful church communities and healthy ministerial relationships, and to protect people from abuse and the harm that results. 

For Catholic spiritual care at Royal University Hospital and Saskatoon City Hospital, call Jacqueline Saretsky at 306-292-5531 or at 306-659-5839. For St. Paul's Hospital ask at the nursing desk, or call 655-5000 and ask them to page Spiritual Care. These Catholic chaplaincy services continue to be provided, thanks to donations.

Join any of the parishes for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Do you:

You find yourself wanting a deeper relationship with God;
Your search for God is at a crossroad;
You want to explore new ways to pray or if prayer has become difficult;
You feel the need for someone to help in discerning the call of God for you;
You desire a companion on the spiritual journey.

Is your marriage or that of a relative or friend heading for divorce?

Do you know how to save that marriage?

God has chosen many ways to make Himself known to us. The Bible is God speaking in our lives in a special way. The Word of God is life-giving and grace-filled. When we gather to read, to study, to share and to pray the Word of God we are both enlightened and encouraged. 

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